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After much prayer and consideration, and taking into account the information available to us, the Elders with heavy hearts have taken the decision to suspend all scheduled services with immediate effect.

Christians are commanded in Scripture to obey the civil authorities the Lord has placed over us. Current guidelines are that we are to avoid any unnecessary social contact and it was stated specifically in Parliament that includes religious gatherings.

While this emergency lasts Sunday services will be broadcast via livestreaming on Sermonaudio and Facebook at 11:30am and 6:30pm. These services can be accessed via Facebook, Sermonaudio or via the church website and clicking on the Sermonaudio link. They can also be accessed afterwards again on the church website and click on Media page There will also be a Bible Study (audio only) broadcast on Tuesday evenings at 8:00pm

If you do not have access to the internet for live broadcasts then please advise one of the Elders, or contact the Church Secretary, and we will arrange for CDs to be delivered to you.

The church will seek to provide support for our vulnerable members so If anyone has to isolate or is unable to get out to collect prescriptions and requires assistance please contact the Church Secretary email: and we will endeavour to help.

As a family now is the time to rally round in support of one another. We cannot visit but we can use the telephone to keep in touch and to encourage one another.

Please pray one for another and also for those in the frontline in the NHS and emergency services remembering that we have a number of our church family who work in the medical, fire and police services.

Pray also for our nation and our community that God would be gracious to us and not only bring this epidemic to an end but also use this emergency to draw people to Himself.